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Mmm Snacks – and they’re Healthy too!

One thing that I’ve always loved is subscription boxes – I think at this point there’s a subscription box for almost everything!

Cassie, like many toddlers, is a lover of snacks, but will not touch a piece of fruit or veggie (not for lack of us trying). I’ve resorted to hiding fruits and veggies in muffins and popcicles, which has been successful but I’ve been on the hunt for healthier on-the-go snack options.

Enter Snackosaurus – a curated snack box for kids! They provide “Non-GMO, refined sugar-free, trans-fat free” snack options and also give the option for Vegan or Nut free!

The subscription costs $34.99 for a small snack box (13-15 snacks) or $47.99 for a large (19-22 snacks). Each box also has a personalized letter and a fun surprise. And shipping is free in Ontario!

So far we have received 2 boxes and Cassie has enjoyed around 60% of the snacks. For me it’s helpful for her to taste all of these options instead of me buying them and Matt and I having to eat them (which isn’t always a bad thing).

Most of the products are also available in nearby stores so I’m able to purchase what she likes.

Overall for me it’s a great value and a fun surprise for Cassie. Oh and this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing my product love 🙂 .

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Cassie’s Gonna Rock!

One of the challenges that I’ve had is finding activities that Cassie likes that are age appropriate. She (just like her parents) has always loved music so Monkeyrock was a natural choice for a spring activity.

Monkeyrock is a local company offering 45 minute long music classes for babies – 4 years. Classes are divided by age group to ensure they are getting the most out of their classes.

Cassie loved the classes from the beginning. We attended Saturday morning classes with Taylor, who was a natural with the kids.

The classes are a lot of fun, mixing in warm up songs, active songs, songs involving a parachute, and Cassie’s favorite – the instrument of the day, where the kids got to learn about and take turns testing a new instrument. There’s even a big bag of instruments that gets emptied for some fun rock songs!

Aside from the classes, Monkeyrock also has concerts and events for kids and their own CD! If you are on Facebook they have a morning sing along for kids as well.

Overall a great local company that isn’t just singing with kids but sharing the love of music. And I’m not going to lie – I think I enjoyed the classes as much as Cassie 🙂

For more info, check out their website or follow them on Social media!